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                                                    Namaste and Hello...

       First let me start by saying 'Thank You'  for visiting my site! My name is Shawn and I am a registered and licensed massage therapist. I completed my certification at the Colorado School of Healing Arts, an accredited institution, where I continued my education completeing my Associates Degree in Massage Therapy specializing in Oncology Massage, Lymphatic Drainage Therapy and Cranial Sacral Therapy as well as being a Reiki Practitioner.

     Currently I am located in Phenix Salon Suites in Westminster, CO. I also work for the Medicine Hands of Colorado group providing massage to oncology patients in and around the Denver area. I am experienced with working with those with comprimising health concerns as well as those who are seeking balance and wellness in their life.

     I can certainly understand the stresses of everyday life and the effects it has on our health...that is why I have chosen massage as my lifes work. It is my mission to help others achieve balance and wellness in their lives.


I look forward to working with you to achieve your balance and wellness.

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